Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Waitrose - Millions to Benefit Local Charities!

We will be contacting our local Waitrose Branches in the hope that we will be one of the selected local charities to benefit from their scheme outlined below. I belive customers can also nominate a local charity to benefit by filling out a form available from Customer Services, if you had the time when you are next shopping at Waitrose, we would welcome your nomination!
Charities can apply for a slice of £2.28m that supermarket chain Waitrose will donate to nearly 7,000 community projects in the next 12 months.The money is being awarded as part of Waitrose's plans to support more local causes, and will not affect its national fundraising initiatives.

The Community Matters scheme will be available in the company's 190 stores. Each one will receive £1,000 a month, which can be distributed between three local projects. Employees at each branch will vote for which causes the money will go to each month - charities can contact their local stores to nominate themselves.Customers then choose which of the three monthly projects to support by depositing vouchers they receive at check-outs into a box for their favoured cause. The amount each cause receives will be directly proportional to the number of tokens in each box.