Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Walking for MileS 2008 - Sunday 5th October

Don't forget the Walking for Miles Event this Sunday 5th October!

Come and join us at Beale Park for a Sponsored Walk and raise money for the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre.

Getting there
Beale Park is located at Lower Basildon, 6 miles from Reading on the A329 between Pangbourne and Streatley. Leave the M4 at J12 (Theale) and follow the brown tourist signs.

Call Jackie Malcolm on 0118 901 6000 for Registration Details.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Air Travel - New rights for disabled and less mobile passengers

Under new European law, if you are disabled or have difficulty moving around, you will have improved rights to assistance when you fly to, from and within Europe from 26 July 2008.
You do not need to be permanently or physically disabled to benefit from these rights. In fact, anyone who has difficulty moving around, for example, because of their disability or age, can receive help when they fly.

For further information visit http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/

Friday, 19 September 2008

Worldwide Survey seeks MS Answers

Another article of interest appearing on the BBC website today concerning the number of people suffering from MS wroldwide could be far more than the estimated 1.3m:


Unproven treatment "aids my MS"

Interesting article on the BBC website about lifestyle changes that helped Tracey, an MS Patient
from Leeds: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7613003.stm

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Interested in Participating in a Clinical Research Trial?

An advert by Richmond Pharmacology in Able Magazine Sep/Oct 2008 reads:

Do you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis? Are you interested in participating in a Clinical Trial?

The medicine being investigated can be taken by mouth and not intravenously. The treatment period will be 4 weeks.

To be eligible for the trial you need to be:

- Aged 18 - 65
- Diagnosed with MS with at least 1 relapse in the past 24 months.
- Able to walk about 20 meters without resting, but using assistance (sticks, crutches, braces) if necessary.
- Registered with a GP who will be informed of your participation.

In recognition of your participation in this study:
£2,000 payment for your time and travel.
- Further access, if appropriate, to this therapy once the trial has ended.

Interested in participating? Register online at http://www.trials4patients.co.uk/ or call free on 0800 085 6464 quoting Ref POP1.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Introducing the New MS Specialist Occupational Therapist for Reading......

Hello everyone, My name is Shirley Bampton I am the new Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Occupational Therapist at Reading Borough Council. My post has been jointly funded between the MS Society and Reading Borough Council for three years. After this time Reading Borough Council will fund the position.
I have been in post for 5 weeks. This time has been spent by gaining some understanding of Reading Borough Councils procedures, networking, developing relationships with key partners as well as developing an expertise in the field of MS which can be shared within my teams.
In October I will be attending a residential course that will further assist me with my work. In the near future it is anticipated that I will be able to respond to all new referrals for people with MS, and if appropriate I will work with existing clients and care managers to facilitate services.
If you would like to contact my my details are as follows: Email - shirley.bampton@reading.gov.uk or telephone 0118 9312277. Meanwhile, if you need to make a referral you can do this via the website or by telephoning 0118 9390900 and ask for Response and Assessment for adults.
Very best wishes Shirley
Shirley Bampton Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Occupational Therapist, Reading Social Services, Whitley Office, 268 Northumberland Avenue, Whitley, Reading, Berks RG2 7PJ Tel 0118 9312277 Fax 0118 9310682 Email: shirley.bampton@reading.gov.uk

Monday, 8 September 2008

Request from Institute of Neurology Regarding Oxygen Therapy

Professor Kenneth Smith, PhD from the Department of Neuroinflammation at the Institue of Neurolgy (Queen Square) University College London has sent a request to people with MS who recieve Oxygen Therapy. His request reads:

"I would be interested to talk to any patients with MS who find that they experience a change in their symptoms while they are breathing hyperbaric oxygen. For example, perhaps someone may find that they can see better or worse in the chamber, or that numbness or muscle strength may change, or fatigue, etc., etc. I am interested in knowing about all changes that might occur in any symptoms. If you can help, that would be great."

It is encouraging to see some interest for the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment with MS. If you have any information that you would like to feed back, please contact Kenneth directly:

Prof. Kenneth J. Smith, PhD, Department of Neuroinflammation, The Institute of Neurology (Queen Square), University College London, 1 Wakefield Street, London, WC1N 1PJ, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7679 4013, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7278 6572E-Mail:

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


We are in the process of trying to recruit new physiotherapy staff after the sudden and unexpected departure of one of our full time physios.

We apologies for any disruption caused to physiotherapy sessions at the Centre. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to rectify the problem. In the meantime thank you for your patience and understanding.