Monday, 20 April 2009

BMSTC IT Training Courses 2009

Thanks to some new volunteers, we are planning to restart Computer Training courses again. There will initially be 2 courses on offer, one for people who are fairly new to computers or need a refresher and one for more experienced users.

Computer Basics
This course will be for people who have a computer at home but need help getting more out of it. It will start with basic computer operation and move on to email & Internet Explorer.

We are offering 2 courses which will run in parallel. The first one starts on Tuesday 9th June at 10:00. The second starts on Wednesday the 10th June at 12:00. Both courses are for 2 hours and there will be about 5 sessions.

Exploiting the Internet
This course is for people who know how to use the internet but have yet to discover the many useful things you can find out and do, especially things for people with a disability. It will cover access to Government sites and services, shopping, banking, booking holidays, getting health information, social networking, internet telephony, video and photo sharing websites. Essential elements of computer security will also be discussed.

Starts Monday 11th May at 10:00 for 2 hours. It will run weekly for about 5 sessions (depending on level of interest and knowledge).

Booking Procedure
Send me an email ( or leave me a note at the centre to book on the courses. Please let me have your phone number.

If you interested in one of the above courses but the dates are not convenient, please let me know. Contact me also if you are interested in some other IT training.

Dave Robson
Trustee and IT Manager