Thursday, 25 June 2009

Blogtalkradio - Mary Boyle Bradley on LDN

Information one of our MS Members wishes to pass on to others................
Dr. Ian Zagon is the doctor/scientist who discovered the beneficial use of LDN (low dose naltrexone) for autoimmune diseases. He is studying and researching this drug with the help of laboratory mice. Low Dose Naltrexone is a cheap generic out of patent drug that is showing great promise for all autoimmune diseases, including MS. Mary Boyle Bradley who is Irish but lives in the States is an avid campaigner to get this drug, which has kept her husband’s PPMS from progressing, more widely known and recognised by patients and their doctors. To this extent she has started to broadcast weekly on an internet radio station and to interview people, who have made and are making significant contributions to the promotion of this drug and people, who are benefitting from LDN.

On Tuesday, 23 June 2009, at 6pm (GMT) she will be interviewing Dr. Ian Zagon. This should be a very interesting interview. Please tune in live or listen to it eventually, as all the broadcasts are archived and can be listened to at your convenience. Here’s the link.

And please, google LDN, it’s important for anybody with an autoimmune disease. I feel so lucky that I did just that.