Thursday, 13 August 2009

MS Trust Factsheet on Fingolimod

Fingolimod (also known as FTY720) is a new oral treatment currently undergoing clinical trials for relapsing/remitting and primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Canadian researchers reverse MS-like condition in mice

From the MS Society Website:
Scientists at McGill University in Canada have successfully reversed a condition similar to multiple sclerosis (MS) in mice.
Reporting their work this week in the scientific journal Nature Medicine, the researchers discovered a technique that was able to reverse
EAE, an MS-like condition, in laboratory models.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hear Prof Neil Scolding talk on future research possiblities in MS

From the MS Trust Website:
Professor Neil Scolding, Director of the Burden Neurological Institute in Bristol will be one of the speakers at an information sharing event run by the MS Trust and the Royal Society of Medicine on 6 October.

The event, called Medicine and me: MS, has been developed by people with MS and specialist MS healthcare professionals to provide information on the issues that matter to those affected by MS.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

BBC One Show "Trash to Cash" is Looking For You!

Can we help you turn unwanted CLUTTER in your home into HARD CASH for YOU and a GOOD CAUSE?

Our team of experts could show you how to turn your JUNK into something USEFUL!
If your family has more useless bits and bobs than you know what to do with then REEF TELEVISION is looking for YOU! We’ll help you recycle, refurbish and repair your clutter, and raise some cash to share between your family and a good cause of your choice.

If you and your family are interested please contact
Elizabeth Souter on 020 75392027 or

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DLA and AA fight-back begins


An astonishing 5,254 people have signed up to our No More Benefits Cuts campaign in the first 24 hours since it went live.The campaign aims to shame politicians into dropping proposals in the care green paper to abolish DLA and AA and hand the cash over to local social services to administer instead.Already, all over the country claimants and their supporters have begun to raise opposition to the planned cuts. We’ve received literally hundreds of emails from people who have posted on forums, contacted everyone in their address book, emailed their MP and written to the local press.

Social Network for Wheelchair Users!

We're the social and lifestyle website created for wheelchair users and their wider community.You've got a story to tell, so why not share itwith the rest of the wheelchair world.So don't just sit there! - Join The Wheel Life today!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Help End Carer Poverty

From the Carers UK website - the voice of carers:

Government has promised a review of carers’ benefits and pledged that by 2018, carers won’t be forced into financial hardship by caring. Carers cannot wait - they are falling into poverty and financial hardship now, and need urgent action. Carers’ benefits must be reformed to protect carers from poverty and support carers combine caring with work and study.

We’re calling on the public, along with charities, voluntary organisations and employers to add their voice to this Charter and send a message to government - reform carers’ benefits and end carer poverty now. Carers UK plans to present the Charter to the government and all political parties later this summer. See the bottom of the link below to sign up.