Monday, 30 November 2009

Collaboration between MSNTC and the MS Society

From the National MS Therapy Centres website:

The two largest societies in the field of MS are the MS Society (with approximately 40,000 members) and the Therapy Centres who are part of MSNTC (with approximately 12,000 members). Attendees at the Open Meeting heard about recent new collaborative developments between these two charities.

In October the MS Society and MSNTC issued a statement affirming their joint wish to work together at national, regional and local levels. You can find the full MSNTC/MS Society joint statement here.

Under this new initiative, the two charities will look at the ways in which a sample of local MS Therapy Centres and MS Society branches are already working together to improve the quality and range of services available to members of both organisations. It will identify not only the 'success factors' but also those obstacles that have hindered co-operation. The aim is to define a set of criteria which will help MS Therapy Centres and MS Society Branches to improve their working relationships and provide more coordinated help for the people that both organisations exist to serve.