Wednesday, 17 February 2010

UK CCSVI Scanning

Glasgow Health Solutions are actively seeking to offer scanning for CCSVI in the UK in 2010 in both London and Glasgow.

The Doppler ultrasound scan required to show the CCSVI abnormalities has been specially adapted and requires specialist training from Prof Zamboni and his team. It is vital to work with the recognised specialists in this field and they hope to have ultrasound technician trained by Dr Zamboni later this year.

The cost of the scans in the UK is still to be finalized but should be around 250 to 300 pounds. They are also liasing with intervention radiologists to develop treatment centres in the UK.

If you wish to register your interest and be kept informed of these developments you can register your interest in the web site -

Helen Yates, MSRC Chief Executive said: "MSRC is fully supportive of Essential Health Clinic's efforts to enable scanning for CCSVI in MS patients in the UK. Currently anyone who believes that they have this problem has to go to Europe even just to get scanned, never mind treated. Enabling the scanning to take place here in the UK will represent a big step forward for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis who believe this venous insufficiency problem lies at the root of their MS"