Friday, 5 March 2010

The Regional Driving Centre

The RDAC specialises in providing assessments for people who want to learn to drive or return to driving with a disability, or following a debilitating illness. After a Stoke, or have an illness such as M.S or M.N.D etc. The centre is staffed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals - including specialist driving instructors and occupational therapists – and has a range of adapted vehicles permanently available, which can cater for a wide variety of mobility needs including passenger assessments.

Also, even more now with an ageing population, people are wanting to drive until they are older and this places quite a strain on general practitioners who will be asked by patients about their ability to continue driving or return to driving, or for the general public who themselves have concerns regarding their mobility following an illness or general health.

We feel that this is where we are able to support all organisations who can suggest to their patients/clients that they attend the centre for a practical assessment of their ability to drive providing that they meet the current DVLA regulations of medical fitness to drive.

The fee for a driving assessment is subsidised, currently £80. The fee for a passenger assessment is again subsidised, currently from £20. All fees are stated on the Application Form which can be downloaded from our website The website holds invaluable information that we hope you will find useful.