Tuesday, 4 May 2010

CCSVI Treatment packages - UK waiting list

The Essential Health Clinic:
We are now pleased to give further information on the CCSVI Treatment Packages Waiting List which opens on Wednesday 5th May.

We fully appreciate the problems some of our patients have experienced in trying to book CCSVI Scanning appointments and we have taken on board all the comments you have sent to us. We are a committed team and have dedicated considerable time and resources towards putting systems in place that will enable us to cope with the number of enquiries we have received (and continue to receive). We are putting the final details together for a range of Treatment Packages (including Scanning, Venogram, Liberation Treatment) and will be announcing these within the next 10 days. These will be designed to cope with the requirements of our patients; many of whom are traveling considerable distances to see us.
"We believe that patient experience should be seamless from consultation and diagnosis through to treatment and surgery. Our priority is to give every patient the highest standard of care."
If you are interested in having the CCSVI Treatment, we strongly recommend that you take a place on our waiting list as soon as possible (opening Wednesday 5th May). Deposits paid are fully refundable (see terms below). This not only gives you the peace of mind in knowing you have secured a place, but helps us with our forward planning for the next 12 months.
Waiting List
Anyone can apply to go on our waiting list. A deposit of £100 is required and this is fully refundable at any time prior to booking one of our treatment packages. This service opens on 5th May at 11.00 GMT (12.00 BST).
Places will be reserved on our waiting list in the strict order in which we receive your deposit. Each month we will email those on our waiting list to advise them on the anticipated length of time before it is expected that they will receive an appointment.
Once the next block of appointments is available they will be offered to those who have been on our waiting list the longest. These people will then be able to book their appointment online using a special code to deduct their deposit from the Treatment Package of their choice.

Our Basic Treatment Package at £450 includes;
CCSVI Screening Scan (up to 60 minutes) followed by a Consultation with one of our Doctors (up to 60 minutes). This will take place at our Glasgow clinic in Rutherglen on weekdays only. Extra option of Blood Testing package (Vitamin D, Omega-3, Nitrotyrosine) at an additional £125

(both fees are fully refundable up to 30 days before CCSVI Screening Scan).

Note: Our Treatment packages will only be offered to people on our waiting list and in strict rotation.

Please note we can only accept waiting list applications via the website. We are unable to take orders/payment for the waiting list or Treatment Packages over the phone.
Note: Waiting list places are not transferable
Prior to the opening of the Waiting ListIf you choose to go on our waiting list, you will be asked to log into your online account with us. It is strongly recommended that you set this up prior to Wednesday as this will save you some time when obtaining your place on our Waiting list. To Register for your FREE account please click here. Once you have entered your basic details you will be taken into your account 'dashboard'. Under the heading 'Address Book', please click on the 'Edit Address' link and enter your address details. This is then recorded as your 'primary address'. Please also enter your telephone details. Once you click on the 'save address details' (bottom right of the screen) and your account will then be setup ready for booking on our Waiting List on Wednesday. All you will need to do is log into your account (by clicking on the Login button on the top right of our website).
The Scottish Clinic we have partnered with for the Venogram and Liberation treatment is the ultimate, state of the art, 5-star healthcare facility based in Scotland. This clinic offers unparalleled access to leading consultants in serene, comfortable surroundings.
London facilities are still being looked into but are not likely to be available until the start of 2011.