Friday, 21 May 2010

Get £60 for taking part in a 40 minute interview the UK

I am writing to you to let you know that The Patients Voice is running a new study with people who suffer from various immune deficiency issues.

The interview will take place by telephone and will last no more than 40 minutes for which we will reward you with £60 to thank you for your time.

These interviews are also open to parents of children who qualify for the study.

The objective is to understand the patients’ experience with immunoglobulins; how you perceive the treatment, the way it is to be administered, the consequences in daily life, and the possible expectations, or requirements for improvement from the patient’s point of view.
To qualify you will need to:-
  • Receive treatments with subcutaneous Immunoglobulins by injection at home
  • Live in the UK.
  • Have been diagnosed with either one of the following types of condition:
  • Primary Immuno-Deficiencies (PID)
  • Secondary Immuno- Deficiencies (SID) such as transplant patients, multiple myeloma or chronic lymphoid leukaemia patients.
  • Auto-immune disease. 
If you do take part we will reward you with £60 by way of incentive. If you suggest somebody who participates, we will reward you with £15 by way of thank you .
However places are limited so please get in touch as soon as possible!
If you wish to take part please contact me through our Facebook page or Website giving a telephone number where we can contact you. One of my colleagues will give you a call to discuss the research in more detail and to set up a time for your interview.

Thanks very much for your interest
Best wishes
Community Manager, The Patients Voice