Wednesday, 12 May 2010

MS-CCSVI-UK Rally - Wednesday 26th May 1.00pm

From a Facebook post by the MS-CCSVI-UK group:
On Wednesday the 26th May at 1pm people from MS-CCSVI-UK will be standing outside the MS Society Headquarters and making a noise. The MS soc headquarters are at 372 Edgeware Road, NW2 not far from Brent Cross. Across the road there is a small parade of shops with a fairly large pavement, so probably quite a suitable space of standing around. Michèle has requested a meeting with Simon Gillespie the Chief Executive. We are going to deliver a letter stating our intentions regarding CCSVI and our wish for a dialogue with the MS soc. We thought that we should all dress up as plumbers, wearing MS-CCSVI-UK T shirts (you can buy these at cost price from our website) and have placards with slogans and requests. It might also be an idea to have balloons, maybe even on the end of some kind of tube, like those insulation foam tubes you can buy at DIY shops.
Michèle is going to find out about hiring a megaphone and it would be good if some people had other kind of noise making implements: drums, rattles, whistles….

It would also be useful if people could bring with them some explanation of CCSVI to hand out to passers by and the local shops. This information is available in the Resources page of the website. She has rung the local police station and is filling in the form to make sure we are allowed to stand there as a group. She will also be driving there and if there are people who find it difficult getting to the venue she may be able to pick up from a nearby rail station.

Please come and bring lots of friends with you. Here is a link to the site so you can see where you are going:!/event.php?eid=120707147950923&ref=mf