Monday, 26 July 2010

Opinion Health Survey

Opinion Health, a healthcare market research firm based in the UK, is looking for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis to complete an online survey. The survey is about 30 minutes long and is designed to gather your feedback on the different types of drug delivery systems available. A reward of £10 will be posted t...o each person who completes the survey after the study is over— or you can specify that the reward be donated to the patient group of your choice (Pippa: e.g. BMSTC!! ;). All responses will be confidential, and all information given will be studied in aggregated form only, and will then be deleted at the end of the study period. At the end of the survey you will be asked to fill in address details for us to send the reward cheque. The survey is due to close on Sunday 9th August, 2010, but we would appreciate any replies to the survey before that date, to establish some early trends. You can take part in the survey by clicking here.