Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Reading Borough Council launch a public awareness campaign "Get Involved in Reading"

From Clare Muir, Senior Policy Officer, Reading Borough Council:

Reading Borough Council (on behalf of the Reading Local Strategic Partnership) has launched a public awareness campaign to bring together the many ways that local people can change things for the better through participation and involvement in community activities, the democratic process, and through volunteering and volunteering opportunities.
The campaign is called ‘Get Involved – Reading!’ and is funded through Government Targeted Support Fund
A website has been set up – www.reading.gov.uk/getinvolved which gives examples of how to get involved. It includes filmed interviews of local people talking about the community work they do, the bonus it brings to their neighbourhoods and the benefits they feel personally by making a difference; and there is a survey to find out how local people get involved in their local community and what they would like to do in the future.
Key events in the campaign are a councillor shadowing scheme where members of Reading’s Youth Cabinet will spend time with local councillors to see what their political work involves, and a debate during Black History Month looking at how to involve members of ethnic minorities and disabled people in the democratic process.

There is a Get Involved – Reading! Facebook page where you can follow developments on Facebook and share information about the activities you are involved in and how others can get involved. It would be great if you could become a fan of the page. I will be regularly updating the page with information. The link for the page is