Thursday, 9 June 2011

From Reading Borough Council Local Strategic Partnership

Local Strategic Partnership for Reading Customer Focus Group

The Reading Local Strategic Partnership brings together organisations, groups and individuals from all sectors - public, private, voluntary, community and faith - to work in partnership for the benefit of all our residents.

One of our priorities is Capable Communities, and the area we are starting to work on is outlined in the box below.

We want your help and views so we are setting up a Customer Focus Group with local residents; people who get care and support, and people who may need help in the future because areas of their life are difficult to manage. There are many organisations and services that offer help to people with their daily life in Reading - from small local clubs to statutory services like social care and the NHS. We want to find out how and where you go for help, and how easy (or not) it is to find the help you need - whether it is from the council or other local organisations. The Focus Group is on Monday 11th July 2011, 2.30pm – 4.30pm at the Kennet Room, Civic Centre, RG1 7AE.

• The focus group session will help to identify the different stages that our residents go through when they need to get help or information.
• The session will be interactive and will involve residents sharing their experiences as a customer receiving a service.
• We’ll be mapping out the ‘paths’ residents take to find help and whether these are efficient or not from a customer’s perspective, so that members of the LSP can make changes to improve these.
• We’ll use this information to see where we can avoid delays and duplication and make accessing services easier for residents in the future.
The civic centre is fully accessible and we may be able to help if you have any special needs to enable you to participate. Refreshments will be provided
If you would like to be part of this group and have the opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of Reading, please book your place by Friday 1st July:

Post: Nina Crispin, Level 6, Civic Centre, Reading RG1 7AE
Phone: 0118 937 2383