Thursday, 17 November 2011

Simon Holmes completes "Survival of the Fittest"

Our thanks go to Simon Holmes who did a 10K race at the end of October to raise money for BMSTC.

 "I have managed to raise just under £500, which is double my target!  The race went well, I ended up coming about 1600 out of 2200, which I'm happy with.  I completed the race in 2 hours 5 minutes! The distance was actually over 11.5km in the end, the last 2k being by far the hardest having just run up and down the Millennium Stadium stairs for about 20 minutes!!  A few of the obstacles were interesting. One being an army assault course with cargo nets, monkey bars, boxes to climb up and jump off.  It all looks easy but after 7 or so kilometres, it was pretty hard going.  Another part was climbing down the side of a slippery hill then wading through the river, twice!! Again sounds ok, but the water was freezing and long climb back up the hill each time.  It all finished off with a 8/9 foot wall with a couple of ropes to use to climb to the top!!  
The running went well, I had a few issues about 2km in and looking behind me to the  Millennium Stadium in the far distance the morale really dropped.  But after a little bit of stretching and a few encouraging words from other competitors, I managed to run most of it!  I walked a bit after the stair climbing and bouncy castle assault course, which really took it out of me!!  But got my rhythm back over the last kilometre and managed to cross the line running!!
 I have attached a picture of me at the end of the race look pretty sweaty and very exhausted!!"