Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Problems with balance and coordination?

Most people with MS can probably answer YES to this.         

Have you heard of Nordic Walking?                                        
Maybe…. Maybe not

What is Nordic Walking?
Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking using poles similar looking to skiing poles.

Physiotherapists in Scandinavia highly recommend this type of activity to a number of people including people with neurological conditions.

By using poles, the walker uses the upper body muscles as well as the legs and the poles help to propel the walker along.

Other advantages of walking with poles worth mentioning are increased heart rate, oxygen uptake and calorie expenditure, reduced pressure on joints, ability to walk more upright, increased safety and support. The activity is less strenuous than the actual level of physical exertion. The combination of exercise and nature may create positive impact on mood. Last but not least there is a social element to Nordic Walking.

A typical lesson will start with warm up exercises using the poles, then the actual walk and finish with some stretching exercises. The activity is easily adapted to the level of fitness of the user. You can actually run with the poles.
We are thinking of setting a class up at the MS Therapy Centre in the spring/summer based possibly in Prospect Park.  Criteria for inclusion: ability to walk independently or with one stick. Have a think about it – maybe you would enjoy it?

If you are interested in joining a Nordic Walking group, please contact or 0118 901 6000