Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Do you have Secondary Progressive MS and would like to take part in a Survey for a £40 reward?

Do you have Secondary Progressive MS? Like to take part in a survey for a £40 reward (which you could choose to donate to a charity of your choice, even BMSTC! ;0) Then read on: "For the research we are looking for patients that have Secon...
dary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) preferably with a EDSS score of under 7. ( we do appreciate that some patients may well not know if they have SPMS but the majority of people that have had MS over 10 years will have progressed to it from the RRMS.) We are interested in speaking with both patients who experience relapses within their SPMS and those who no longer experience relapses.

As part of the research we are asking them to do is take part in an interview over the telephone and using a webcam. They will be interviewed by a researcher from Adelphi International Research. (We can send them a webcam if they don’t have one and it is theirs to keep afterwards). The purpose of this study is gain an in depth understanding of MS from the perspective of the patient, looking at the impact of the condition and medication on their quality of life with an aim to improving this. The data collected from the research will then be used to inform the pharmaceutical company in its current product development strategy.

We would like to reassure the patient that their identity will be confidential and although someone from the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the research may observe (via webcam) there is absolutely no way that taking part will affect any treatment they receive or any benefits.

The interviews need to take place from Wednesday 22nd – Wednesday 29th August if possible although Adelphi are able to do interviews till the end of the w/c 27thif necessary.

As a thank you for the patient’s time we are offering £40 which can be given to them as either a Amazon voucher or cheque.

If anyone is interested please could they contact me personally by calling me on 07968 631938 or on 01189474956. ( I am the local contact and recruiter for the research for DeFacto Research who are working for Adelphi Research).

Tessa Higgins - tlhiggins@hotmail.co.uk
For more information on DeFacto Research click here.