Wednesday, 15 August 2012

West Berkshire Neurological Alliance Continence Survey

From West Berks Neurological Alliance:
Dear colleagues,

Earlier this year we held a small focus group, on 'Living with incontinence in Berkshire West'. The problems raised were many and serious and the discussions were both riveting and ...
depressing. A report was produced for local service commissioners, who are aware that significant improvements must be made in the ways people affected by incontinence should be helped. To push along these developments we now need larger amounts of data, so once again have combined forces with West Berkshire Local Involvement Network (LINk) and agreed a postal survey we are about to launch.  See survey here.

For anyone who is interested we can provide hard copy of the attached explanatory letter and form, with a reply-paid envelope, so participation is both free and anonymous. We can either post these to anyone who requests one or supply you with as many survey forms as you may need to forward to people who you believe could be interested. Each survey pack is in a stamped A5 envelope that has not been sealed, allowing you to insert your own covering note should you wish, while saving you the cost of posting out the survey. Of course, anyone may print and complete a survey form by downloading the attachment, but that way there is no pre-paid return envelope.

Please would you consider the great value that will attach to us getting a good response to this important and timely survey and take a few moments to think about how many survey packs you will need to forward to those of your members who may wish to take part? There is no postage cost to you or your members. Everyone should be most grateful if between us we can improve the lives of the many individuals living with incontinence.



John Holt
Liaison Officer
West Berkshire Neurological Alliance
01635 33582