Monday, 10 September 2012

Insoles improving your balance – do you want to try a pair?

Insoles improving your balance – do you want to try a pair?
The Danish company Medicovi has designed a water filled balance increasing insole beneficial for people with MS. We have been given the opportunity to try the insoles D40 and are looking for 10 members interested in trying these insoles for free.
In a recent Danish survey with PWMS a large group of participants achieved a much improved balance and mobility, while a small group achieved a somewhat better balance. Some reported increased comfort, pain relief and warmer feet. A small group experienced no improvements in terms of balance.
The insoles are designed to impact the sensation in the feet and for this reason the necessary communication between the body and the CNS will happen faster achieving a better balance. The insoles are also believed to have a preventive measure with regards to future loss of balance.  For more information please see and look under documentation to learn more about the Danish survey.

If you want to participate or want further information please contact Henriette (01189016000 or
You will be required to attend the MS Therapy Centre for an initial appointment to try the insoles and as well another six weeks follow up appointment.  You will be filling in the MSWS-12 walking scale and also have your balance assessed by a physiotherapist on both occasions. The benefits are likely to increase the more you use the insoles.