Monday, 25 March 2013

Windows 8 is here!

Windows 8 is here

We have installed a Windows 8 all-in-one PC in the Internet Cafe area of the centre for use by members. We hope you will enjoy using this very different PC.

For some of you it will be a great change from the old style PC and much easier to use. I’ll be happy to arrange some tution or to discuss the new system  if you want,  just contact me on 07932 703540 or
Dave Robson

About Windows 8

The latest Microsoft Operating System is now being provided as standard on new PCs. It is the most radical change to a Microsoft system since Windows replaced DOS. It is Microsoft’s attempt to get into the touchscreen devices like the iPad, which have stormed to success over the last 2 years. But Microsoft are trying to do more than follow in Apple’s footsteps. They are offering a full function operating system with the capabilities and ease of use of touchscreen devices.

 For some of you, a touchscreen device will open up possibilities previously denied and will be much easier to use.  For others, happy with the Windows 7 interface, and not attracted by the touchscreen capabilities, the upgrade will be frustrating. But new PCs will soon all be supplied with Windows 8.

The PC in the cafe is there for you to enjoy using and to enable you to experience Windows 8 for yourselves to decide if it is for you or not.  You can try Windows 8 out for yourselves before making any commitment to buy new equipment.

On a touchscreen PC, the interface is very attractive and easy to use – but very different from any previous version of Windows.