Thursday, 30 May 2013

Please can you help - "What does BMSTC mean to you?"

We write many applications for funding to various organisations throughout the year.  We need to get a strong message accross to encourage them to donate to help keep the funds coming in.

We have found it useful to include quotes from our service users, whether that be people attending the Centre for various treatments, or simply using us as an information and support resource.  Our volunteers also give us wonderful feedback on what they get out of volunteering at the Centre. 

We are refreshing our application letters and would like to encourage people to send us a short quote saying how they benefit from the services we provide, or from volunteering at BMSTC.  We ofen hear wonderful comments from people, it would be fantastic to capture those words to spread the news of our work. 

Your words are far more important than ours! We only use the quote in our applications and not the name of the person who has written it.

You can email these to me, comment on our Facebook page, tweet @BerksMSTherapy  or if you would prefer to remain anonymous simply leave your quote in an envelope at reception or pop it in the post to me!

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Pip :0)x