Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Physical Activity Sessions for People with Long Term Conditions - Wokingham

Wokingham Borough Council are running a new project to provide physical activity opportunities for those with long term health conditions, outside of clinical rehabilitation.
Conditions such as long term neurological, respiratory, and cardiovascular, and those relating to recovery from injury or illness. Where possible the project will create a pathway into independent use of local leisure facilities or inclusion in sport or physical activity clubs across the borough.

Amanda Speck is the new Physical Activity Coordinator supporting Wokingham Borough residents with long term conditions. Amanda will deliver physical activity sessions at six areas across the borough; Wokingham, Earley, Woodley, Shinfield/Swallowfield, Wargrave/Remenham and Finchampstead for those with the following conditions:

·       Multiple Sclerosis

·       Parkinson’s

·       Stroke recovery

·       Diabetes

·       Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

·       Cardiovascular disease

·       Physical disabilities

Sessions will cost £1.80 and will include 30 – 60 mins exercise followed by tea and coffee.

In addition to this Amanda will deliver physical activity sessions at the new Rehab Gym opening mid-July at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley.  The Rehab Gym will consist of gym equipment suitable for those with long term conditions, alongside portable equipment such as small portable weights, steps, mats, medicine balls, and Swiss balls.

The gym will be open to members of the public for casual use for two hours per day which will be staffed by a qualified member of staff.

Amanda adds: ““Individuals with long term health conditions will benefit from both the activity sessions across the borough and the new rehabilitation gym which will provide them with a purpose built facility where they can exercise and take part in activities with the support of qualified experienced Instructors. Appropriate exercise will help to maintain mobility, improve breathing and activities of daily living and may help slow down progression of long term conditions, as well as being a great way of socialising.  This is a much needed, exciting project and I look forward to seeing the many benefits it will bring to the borough“.

If you would like more information about the Rehab Gym and Physical Activity sessions or the role of the Physical Activity Coordinator across the Borough please contact Amanda on 07809 309582.