Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Research study for people with RRMS on DMD's - £20 referral fee to BMSTC and a £40 incentive for you!

"Dear Pippa
We would be grateful once again for your help in referring Relapsing Remitting MS patients to take part in another paid market research study with us.We are currently looking for a total of 15 patients and in return we would offer you a £20 referral fee for every patient that passes the screening criteria and goes on to complete the study.

The aim of the study is to better understand patients experiences of living with MS where we are asking the patients to take part in an online community chat forum.The chat forum would take place over 1-2 weeks in which time the participants would ideally login on a daily basis and contribute to the forum.
As a token of our appreciation for their feedback, they will receive an incentive payment of £40.

In order to take part in this study one of the main criteria is that the patients need to currently be on a DMD.

The online forum is due to launch towards the end of this week and I can be reached on the details below.

Contact :

Sam Smith - Project Coordinator

Field Scope International - London

Mob: 07788 725 557