Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jackie Malcolm announces retirement next year!

Jackie has recently announced that she will be retiring on the 2nd April next year, we are all very sad that she will be leaving us although I'm sure she will still get roped into volunteering for us!

I'm sure you will want to join me in thanking Jackie for doing such a fantastic job fundraising for BMSTC for the last 8 years, and to send her our very best wishes for a happy retirement next year. She has been a joy and pleasure to work with and developed our Fundraising to a new level. 

Jackie wrote an article for our latest newsletter:

"It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to help the MS Therapy Centre and how heart-warming it is that they do so.  This is what I will miss most of all when I take retirement in April next year.

I will, by then, have been working for the MS Therapy Centre for eight years and it has been a very fulfilling and rewarding occupation. My previous background was in business, both large and small, with the main aim of making a profit. Fundraising for the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre made me focus on creating money for the common good and it has been enormously satisfying doing this and I will miss you all.

Of course, I do not live far away and I will come back on a regular basis to visit. No doubt, my successor, Samantha Harper, will be asking me to marshal events! Working at the MS Therapy Centre has been, without doubt, the most enjoyable and satisfying job I have ever done, I have learnt a lot and made many friends."

Samantha Harper has been working as a Fundraiser for MS-UK (formerly MS Resource Centre) for the past 4 years.  We look forward to welcoming her to the team in early January 2015.  Watch this space for more news.......