Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Refurbishment update 4

The Kitchen has been installed and we are awaiting the finishing touches over the next couple of weeks to complete this area.  When this is fully functioning the coffee point will be replaced.

The decorates have painted the circulation area where the aquarium is and are now moving to the reception area.

Floor tiles will be laid in WC3A (in-between Physio 1 & 2) and the second fix should be complete next week.  Flooring in the shop, staff/dieticians, kitchen and stairwell will be laid next week, and flooring in Physio 1 & 2 will be laid on the 10th March.

Please note that the main Physiotherapy Gym will be out of action from the 18th to the 20th March while the floor is replaced.  Unfortunately this means all physiotherapy will be cancelled during this time.  We do however hope to run oxygen therapy for those who are able to walk into the chamber (we will not have access to our hoists) and we will still offer appointments for acupuncture, spinal reflexology, yoga and reiki.

Thank you once again for patience and understanding whilst this work is going ahead, and please accept our apologies in advance for the closure of our physiotherapy service during the 18th to 20th March.

PML case confirmed in someone taking Gilenya

Source MS Society:

Novartis, who manufacture Gilenya (fingolimod), have confirmed a case of the rare brain infection PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) in someone taking the drug.  Read on.

Would you like to go to Newbury Races this Friday 27th February?

We've been offered 2 Premier tickets for Newbury Racecourse this Friday 27th February for a donation to BMSTC, the tickets cost £25 each. If you're interested please email or give Pippa a call on 0118 901 6000.

Thank you Sainsburys Region S10

Photo: Thank you very much to the Region S10 of Sainsburys for their generous donation of £100 to BMSTC for refreshments in the brand new coffee area.

Here is PR Ambassador from Sainsburys Calcot branch Patricia Watkins presenting the gift vouchers to BMSTC trustees, Yvonne Parks and Peter Bowsher MBE when she visited the Centre on 20th February 2015.

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much to the Region S10 of Sainsbury's for their generous donation of £100 to BMSTC for refreshments in the brand new coffee area.

Here is PR Ambassador from Sainsbury's Calcot branch Patricia Watkins presenting the gift vouchers to BMSTC trustees, Yvonne Parks and Peter Bowsher MBE when she visited the Centre on 20th February 2015.

Thank you very much!

Many thanks to the Mayor of Henley - Martin Akehurst

Source Henley Standard:

THE Mayor was running... not for election or even towards another political party, but for charity.

The proceeds will go to the Kingwood Trust, the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre and the Samaritans, which are the Mayor's charities this year.  Read on.

Meet Trishna Bharadia - The Peoples Strictly for Comic Relief

Meet Trishna Bharadia - The People's Strictly  for Comic Relief.

Hero Qualities: Multiple Sclerosis and disability fundraiser and awareness campaigner

Read more here!

Message from NHS Berkshire Health Network - Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions can affect patients from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or socio-economic background. There is currently a wide variation of access of specialist services for patients with neurological conditions. This strategy presents an opportunity to meet the needs of patients more effectively than at present, whilst achieving better value for money.  Please note consultation ends on the 27th February.

Are you planning a trip to John Lewis in Reading?

Relax in the cafĂ© at John Lewis and use your green token to vote for BMSTC - you can help us win a share of £3,000!

The voting box is just outside the Place to Eat

Self Compassion for Carers

LJMU Logo banner image
Caring for the Carers – investigating an on-line mindfulness and self-compassion programme for carers of individuals with life limiting and terminal illness.  For more information click here.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Refurbishment update 3

Well the Gym is redecorated, the curtains and blinds will be replaced after the flooring has been replaced.  Work on the Gym floor will take place on the 18th, 19th and 20th March and we will need to be partially closed whilst this work is carried out.  We won't have access to our overhead hoists so oxygen therapy for people who need hoisting into a chamber chair will also unfortunately be disrupted.  We are currently working out how we can best manage services during this time, and will give our clients as much notice as possible if we need to cancel appointments. 

The two back individual physiotherapy rooms are now redecorated, the toilet in between these rooms will be installed over the next week and the flooring should be complete by the end of next week finishing off this area.  Work will then begin replacing the toilet and shower off the gym turning it into a toilet and wet room.

The kitchen is currently being installed and we hope the flooring will be laid at the end of next week, along with flooring in the Shop and Dieticians room.  The drinks station by the shop will also be replaced over the next couple of weeks.

The decorators have started in the circulation area and will then be moving into the office. That should keep them busy for the next couple of weeks and I'll update you again when we know the next areas that will be worked on.

The contractors are doing a magnificent Job, the main contractor is
Tilby Ltd 
Interior design by Lesley Ann Gentry
Kitchen by Design Matters 
and the toilet and wet room by Motion Spot 
A fantastic team to be working with and we can highly recommend all of them!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Refurbishment update 2 - advance notice of noise!

Hopefully our regulars at the Centre will see what work has been achieved so far with our refurbishment project, it's exciting to see some areas starting to take shape. 

Advance Notice: Our kitchen will be stripped out sometime next week, and installation work for the new kitchen will start week commencing the 16th February.  The kitchen area will be screened off with plastic sheeting, and there will be noise with drilling, sawing etc during the week of the 16th February, apologies in advance for this disruption.

The drinks making area in reception will still be operational, and we hope to continue our usual therapy service throughout the week. Of course you may decide that you do not wish to attend for treatment during this week (this is likely to be the worst one!), if this is the case, please do let us know in advance.  

We will not have a dishwasher available or kitchen sink, so to reduce washing up to a minimum we will supply hot and cold drinks disposable cups.   Of course some people will not be able to use these, but it will help to reduce washing up duties for our staff and volunteers.

Thank you once again for your patience and co-operation whilst this work is undertaken, we are trying our best to continue to provide treatments and reduce cancellations to a minimum.

As people keep saying, it will be nice when it's done! 


Record breaking entries for the Reading Half Marathon - Go team BMSTC!

Source Reading Chronicle:

A record number of runners will be at the starting line of this year's Reading Half Marathon.

As the official entries closed at midnight on Monday night for the race there was 18,000 people signed up to complete the 13.1miles.  Read on.

Delays and disarray shatter lives of new disability claimants

Source The Guardian:

Mark Harper, the minister for disabled people, appeared in front of the work and pensions select committee on Wednesday 28th January to defend the government’s troubled record on implementation of the new disability benefit, the personal independence payment (PIP).  Read on.

Winter Ready - Older people are entitled to help with energy bill payments over winter.


You could get between £100 and £300 tax-free to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 5 July 1952. This is known as a ‘Winter Fuel Payment’.  Read on.

Promising results for stem cell therapy in MS


Preliminary findings suggest that nonmyeloablative haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) may arrest, or even reverse, the progress of disease among patients with relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).  Read on.

MS-SMART trial for secondary progressive MS underway

Source MS Society:

MS-SMART, a phase 2 clinical trial into progressive MS, has begun. It will investigate whether treatments that are already being used for other conditions could slow or halt disability progression in people with secondary progressive MSRead on.

Prof Philip James - Article in the telegraph about the ealing powers of Oxygen Therapy

Source The Telegraph:
The miraculous healing powers of oxygen.

Brain injured veteran Ben Parkinson has started the controversial hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Cherrill Hicks talks to Prof Philip James, author of a new book on the subject.  Read on