Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Refurbishment update 2 - advance notice of noise!

Hopefully our regulars at the Centre will see what work has been achieved so far with our refurbishment project, it's exciting to see some areas starting to take shape. 

Advance Notice: Our kitchen will be stripped out sometime next week, and installation work for the new kitchen will start week commencing the 16th February.  The kitchen area will be screened off with plastic sheeting, and there will be noise with drilling, sawing etc during the week of the 16th February, apologies in advance for this disruption.

The drinks making area in reception will still be operational, and we hope to continue our usual therapy service throughout the week. Of course you may decide that you do not wish to attend for treatment during this week (this is likely to be the worst one!), if this is the case, please do let us know in advance.  

We will not have a dishwasher available or kitchen sink, so to reduce washing up to a minimum we will supply hot and cold drinks disposable cups.   Of course some people will not be able to use these, but it will help to reduce washing up duties for our staff and volunteers.

Thank you once again for your patience and co-operation whilst this work is undertaken, we are trying our best to continue to provide treatments and reduce cancellations to a minimum.

As people keep saying, it will be nice when it's done!