Friday, 17 April 2015

Our Tracy has done it!

BMSTC Membership Officer Tracy completed her 2nd Marathon in aid of the Centre in on Sunday 12th April in Brighton. Her husband Paul takes up the challenge later this month on 26th April to run the London Marathon for us.  It’s not too late to show your support for this 52.4 mile challenge at:

A word from Tracy:
"Thanks so much to everyone for your support, encouragement & sponsorship for our challenge so far.  I was really pleased to record a personal best time at Brighton of 5.50.28, beating London 2013 by over 3 mins.  The course was hot, hilly & windy in places but the crowd was amazing & I had a great team with me to dispense water, Lucozade, jelly babies & bananas at various points.  I’m now looking forward to cheering Paul on at London in just over a week & then our challenge will be complete! I have said never again but so did Steve Redgrave & we all know what happened there!"