Friday, 28 August 2015

Interested in Tai Chi at BMSTC?

We hope to be running a set of classes starting on Thursday 24th September 1 - 2pm, please email if you are interested.

"The benefits of Tai Chi are far reaching really. My type of type Tai Chi is mostly Soong and Yang style. Soong is the most versatile and adaptable and is the style taught through Tai Chi for Health. Yang style is popular as it is a gentle flowing style. Both forms are interchangeable so can be stimulating and varied

People with MS would benefit  from Tai Chi as a form of exercise because it is slower and a low impact form of exercise which can help maintain better posture, range of movement, and balance. It helps to improve co ordination, mental focus, concentration and relieve tension. It will improve circulation and flexibility.

Tai Chi can be adapted for people who are seated as well as people who stand and is enjoyable when performed in a group or singly. The class consists of static and moving postures beginning with mobility moves moving on to a series of moves based on Qigong then Chi stimulation. then the class will learn a form over a period of time. These forms will progress as the class progresses."