Friday, 4 September 2015

For Sale Unused Landeez Beach Wheelchair

One of our members here at BMSTC has a Beach Wheelchair he would like to sell for £400. This has never been used and cost £1900 new!

"Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair - Rediscover the many joys of outdoor living. With the Landeez all-terrain wheelchair you can enjoy life's simple pleasures."

The chair consists of:
a) the base

b) 2 x different length rear axels

c) 1 x spare axel

d) the brake.

e) a choice of 2 styles of pushing handles

f) 4 rear wheels, 2 fat and 2 slim

g) 4 front castors, 2 fat and 2 slim

If you are interested please contact and I will pass on your contact details to the seller.