Thursday, 3 December 2015

Counselling at BMSTC

Sadly our current counsellor, Emma, will be leaving us at the end of this year. It was a difficult decision, but she has been offered a promotion which she couldn't refuse!. We will miss her very much, but wish her the best of luck in her future career.

We are delighted to welcome Leigh who will be taking over from Emma at the Centre on Tuesday 12th January. 

" Hello, my name is Leigh Blyth. I’m a psychotherapist/counsellor and I am looking forward to joining the team at the MS Therapy Centre in January.

My job is more of a lifestyle choice than work. I study and participate in therapy as a way of exploring and making sense of life and enjoy helping others do the same.

I started work as a massage therapist over 10 years ago and quickly realised that many physical issues were linked to mental and emotional problems. For instance people who are anxious often have digestive problems. This realisation lead me to study a 4 year UKCP accredited training course, in neurolinguistic psychotherapy & hypnotherapy to complement my bodywork training.

I currently work in private practice in West London. I have a broad range of experience of working with people experiencing depression, anxiety and addiction. As well as physical and emotional stress, relationship, digestive and reproductive issues. My area of expertise is engaging with the whole person and understanding the links between your mind, body, emotions and spiritual beliefs. Incorporated into talking therapy I am also able to bring mindfulness and meditation practice if that is of personal interest to you. Mindfulness and meditation have been shown in recent studies to greatly benefit people with both physical and mental health difficulties.

People who have worked with me say I create a safe, calm and confidential space in which they feel free to explore any issues that are bothering them. I am solution focused and help you discover and mobilise hidden resources which enable you to work towards your own best outcome from therapy."