Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday evening Yoga class at BMSTC - 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm resumes on Monday 4th April.

Why not try our Monday evening Yoga for MS classes 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm?

Free for our MS Members, but as always, please do make a donation if you can afford to do so. This helps us meet our costs and helps those who are unable to donate to attend.  Please do just come along and join in.

Dr Uddhava Samman has been teaching yoga for people with MS at the Centre for over 20 years.   This is a little more information about the benefits of yoga for MS from Uddhava:

"Each Yoga class includes a warm up to prepare for movement, followed by postures that gently stretch and strengthen the body. There is also breathwork and mindfulness meditation, if appropriate, and the class always ends with a relaxation.

The classes are tailored to fit the needs of the people who come and everyone is invited to do as much as feels comfortable for them. If someone wishes they can do part, or all, of the class in a chair.

Research studies have shown that Yoga improves the physical and mental well-being of people with MS. One study in 2013, for example, reported that after a 4 month Yoga programme for people with MS, they showed a ‘significant improvement in functional strength, balance and peak expiratory flow and a trend towards improvements in mental health and quality of life”.
A summary is provided here

I have also found Yoga to be very good for releasing stress and people tell me that they feel much more relaxed after a Yoga class and their sleep is improved. When we stretch muscles we are not just releasing tension from the body but also from the mind.
Raised in Devon, I have been teaching Yoga in Reading for the past 20 years and whilst I teach general classes, I have specialised in teaching Yoga to people with MS. I am co-founder and Trustee of the Traditional Yoga Association, a registered charity based in Reading, which offers Yoga classes, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training courses."

For more information you can email Uddhava directly at or speak to Pippa on 0118 9016000.