Monday, 9 May 2016

Saturday Open Gym Sessions and Physiotherapy Assessments 14th May 2016

Feedback from our recent survey identified people with MS who work full time find it difficult to access our services.   As a direct result, we are launching a Saturday morning open gym session and physiotherapy assessment service. 

The sessions are aimed to enable individuals to become responsible for their own exercises, adequate supervision and advice will be available from our physiotherapist to promote this.    Initially this will run on 6 Saturdays every other week so we can gauge interest.

Please see further details about the new service below.   If you would like to register your interest, or book an assessment, please email or call Amy on  0118 901 6000

Supervised open gym session 9am-11am
What is on offer?
The sessions will consist of a series of exercise equipment set up around the gym which is available for all attendees to use. The physiotherapist on duty will be around to direct and advise on all the exercises and assist the person to make the most of their session by modifying exercises to meet the individual’s needs.

The session will run as a outpatient ‘drop in’ service between the hours of 9am-11am so members can attend as and when they like and get started once they arrive until a time of their preference. If members wish to attend simply to use the bike, treadmill or a specific piece of equipment this is also allowed. *Not to include use of the electric standing frame or tilt table*

The session should be treated as would be seen in a regular gym whereby each member carries out their own exercise plan with the option to do as much or as little as they like.

Criteria – Members must be able to mobilise within the centre and be able to move from each exercise independently or with minimal support. The member must be able to carry out each exercise by themselves and only require assistance with positioning or instruction of an exercise.

Restrictions – Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate members who require hoisting, assistance of 2 people when transferring and/or continuous assistance when completing exercises.

The service is offered free of charge but donations of any amount are encouraged to help us meet our costs and support other members who are unable to donate.

Late morning Saturday assessment sessions 11am – 1pm
What is on offer and who is it suited for?
1:1 Assessments will be available to any new/current member of the centre who is unable to attend the centre for an assessment during the working week. This can also include members who do not regularly attend classes or 1:1 appointments but wishes to have a review, be given advice and have an individualised home exercise plan created for them.

Restrictions – Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate members who require hoisting, the use of a standing frame or assistance of more than 1 person to transfer or mobilise.

Sessions should last from 30 – 45 minutes.   Once assessed the members are then also welcome to join the open gym session from 11am – 1pm.

This service is offered free of charge, we suggest voluntary donation £20.00 to BMSTC to help us meet our costs and support other members who are unable to donate.