Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thanks for nominating me for the MS Society Professional of the Year Award!

'We are thrilled our Centre Manager Pippa has been shortlisted for the MS Society UK Professional of the Year award recognising her 19 years of hard work and dedication to the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, its members and the local MS community.

Chairman, Ian said, ‘Any ship needs a captain and a crew. If either is second rate so will the ship be. In the case of BMSTC we have a very good crew and an excellent captain. Pippa Vincent-Cooke runs the place in a quiet professional way, allowing others space to get on with their allotted roles, but is always aware of what is going on.

Outside the Centre she is always willing to listen to others experiences and suggest ideas to us or them where relevant. Whenever I visit or speak to other Centres one of the first questions is "How is Pippa?" She is held in high regard all over the place.

We are very lucky to have her as Centre manager. Many congratulations on being short-listed for the MS Professionals Award.’
The winners will announced during MS Awareness Week on Wednesday 27th April and we would like to wish her all the luck in the world.   Find out about the finalists here.