Thursday, 7 April 2016

Could you place one of our collection boxes out in the community?

Thanks to those of you who already recruit &/or service static collection boxes for the Centre.  Pubs, clubs, shops & local businesses collected nearly £2,000 in this way during 2015. In addition to raising valuable funds, the boxes help with raising awareness of our work to the local community. However, there is fierce competition for places &  we frequently lose sites when businesses change hands so more are needed! If you can place a box at a location known to you (pubs & chip shops seem to do particularly well!) &/or service it by collecting full boxes & supplying replacements, please let me or Kirsten know.  On receipt of a full box at the Centre, we will count it & send a thank you letter to the site, advising of the amount raised.

Thanks so much

Tracy J