Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Encouraging results in secondary progressive MS trial

Source MS Trust:

The EXPAND trial involved 1,651 people who took either siponimod or placebo capsules once a day for up to five years. A press release by Novartis, who make siponimod, announced that people on treatment took longer to show signs of progression than people on placebo. Progression was measured by EDSS scores taken every three months. Other measures used in the study, includes measuring progression with EDSS every six months, have not yet been made public.  Read on.

One in 10 people with MS could face disability benefit cuts

Source MS Society:

 We’ve published new figures today which reveal the severe extent of possible benefits cuts for people living with MS.

We estimate that more than a thousand people with MS have already had their benefits downgraded since Personal Independence Payment (PIP) replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for some.  Read on.

Early Bird Collectors Needed!

Are you an early bird? We are looking for some early morning collectors to join us at Reading Station on Friday 9th and/or Friday 16 September between 7 and 9am. Free parking is available. This was one of the top collection times in May and we don't want to waste the opportunity.

Please contact Kirsten kirsten@bmstc.org or Tracy tracy@bmstc.org to join us.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A Photographer is coming and we need you!

We will have a photographer at the Centre on the mornings of:
  • Wednesday 31st August
  • Thursday 1st September
We are looking for people to be in the photos and show case the charity.

If you have treatments on a Wednesday or Thursday they will carry on as normal.

If you prefer not to be in the photos simply let us know.

If you are happy to be photographed, even if you are normally in on a different day, please email Pip or Sam pippa@bmstc.org or samantha@bmstc.org

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Go West the sequel - Go Loch Ness!

After the success of Go West last year, we are aiming to get ourselves to Loch Ness this year, an epic 564 mile challenge!  

We can only do this if everyone gets involved...anyone with MS is welcome to join us - see Sam (samantha@bmstc.org)  or Henriette (henrietta@bmstc.org
)  for more details.

Go West the sequel - Go Loch Ness!

After the success of Go West last year, we are aiming to get ourselves to Loch Ness this year, an epic 564 mile challenge!  

We can only do this if everyone gets involved...anyone with MS is welcome to join us - see Sam (samantha@bmstc.org)  or Henriette (henrietta@bmstc.org
)  for more details.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

MS Nurse and OT Clinic

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Need to see an MS Nurse Specialist?
Meet with one of the team at :-
West Berkshire Therapy Centre Thatcham
Or MS Therapy Centre Reading
Or Newbury Rugby Club
To make an appointment phone 01183225369 or email:
Dates are as follows:-
  • Wed 7th Sept :10-1130 Newbury rugby club
  • Thurs 22nd Sept: 1.30 -3 Berkshire MS Therapy Centre
  • Fri 7th Oct: 12-1.30 West Berks Therapy Centre
  • Wed 2nd Nov: 10-1130 Newbury rugby club
  • Thurs 13th Nov: 1.30 -3 Berkshire MS Therapy Centre
  •  Fri 9th Dec: 12-130 West Berks Therapy Centre

Potentially thousands with MS missing out on crucial treatments

 Source MS Society:
 A sizeable amount of people living with MS are at risk of being forgotten by the NHS.

One in ten of those with relapsing MS haven’t seen an MS nurse or neurologist for over a year. Among this group, just 12% are taking a disease modifying therapy (DMT) which could reduce relapses and slow progression of MS.

However, 73% of those who have seen a specialist within the last year are taking a DMT.  Read on.

New Pre-HSCT Treatment May Make Stem Cell Transplants a Safer Option for MS Patients.

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today:

Scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a method for stem cell transplants that may do away with the need for prior systematic treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. If successful, stem cell transplants could be an option for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), an option now limited by the risk of severe toxicity triggered by the chemotherapy.  Read on.

Waitrose Oxford Road Green Tokens

A green token update: As you may know, we have been chosen as the one of the good causes supported by Waitrose Oxford Road. As of this lunchtime we were joint first. If you shop at Waitrose, please vote for us (we are the middle one) so we can get the gold medal at the end of the month. Please share will everyone you know!

Researchers trick our cells into treating UTIs without antibiotics

Source: Science Alert
New research shows that our bodies own immune systems have another way to fight off urinary tract infections (UTIs) without antibiotics - and it's super effective.  This is a pretty big deal, seeing as UTIs are one of the most common infections treated with antibiotics in humans – something that’s contributing to the rise of drug-resistant superbugs.
 Read on.

Windsor Half Marathon, Saturday 25th September.

We will be at the Windsor Half Marathon for the first time this year and are looking for some heroes to join us - are you up or someone you know up for it? Only a few places left!  Please email samantha@bmstc.org or call Sam on 0118 901 6000.

Looking to add some Glitz and Glamour to your social calendar?

We have just the thing for you. Book your tickets for the Charity Ball taking place on Saturday 12th November at the Reading Hilton.

It promises to be a night to remember. For more information and to book your tickets contact Sam on 0118 901 6000 or email samantha@bmstc.org.

Can you help collect at Sainsbury's Tadley

We are desperate for collectors to help at Sainsbury's Tadley on Saturday 3rd September 9am - 11am and 5pm to 7pm.  Please contact Kirsten or Tracy on 0118 901 6000 or email kirsten@bmstc.org.  Many thanks.