Thursday, 18 August 2016

MS Nurse and OT Clinic

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Need to see an MS Nurse Specialist?
Meet with one of the team at :-
West Berkshire Therapy Centre Thatcham
Or MS Therapy Centre Reading
Or Newbury Rugby Club
To make an appointment phone 01183225369 or email:
Dates are as follows:-
  • Wed 7th Sept :10-1130 Newbury rugby club
  • Thurs 22nd Sept: 1.30 -3 Berkshire MS Therapy Centre
  • Fri 7th Oct: 12-1.30 West Berks Therapy Centre
  • Wed 2nd Nov: 10-1130 Newbury rugby club
  • Thurs 13th Nov: 1.30 -3 Berkshire MS Therapy Centre
  •  Fri 9th Dec: 12-130 West Berks Therapy Centre