Thursday, 20 October 2016

New drugs to face NHS affordability test

Source MS Society:

Proposed changes to the drug approval process mean NHS England will assess how much they can afford to pay for new drugs.

Under the plan, new drugs that are expected to cost the NHS more than £20 million a year would be subject to a ‘budget impact test’.  Read on.

Grow Your Tenner

Grow Your Tenner is live!  Donate now and Local Giving will match it up to £10!

BMSTC will get £21.67 for every £10 with Gift Aid donated during
#GrowYourTenner - starting this week!  Please support us

FDA Approval of 1st Progressive MS Treatment Awaited by Neurologists, Survey Finds

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today:

Neurologists in the U.S. expect — or, at least, highly anticipate — that Ocrevus (ocrelizumab), being developed by Roche as a treatment for both relapsing and progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), will be approved by year’s end, and a sizable number plan on quickly prescribing it, according to a recent update by Spherix Global Insights in “RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Sclerosis,” a quarterly report based on responses from over 100 neurologists actively treating MS patients.  Read on.

MS Society strikes Gold!

Source MS Society:

We are thrilled to announce Paralympic gold medallists Stephanie Millward and Kadeena Cox as our new MS Society Ambassadors.

Stephanie and Kadeena have already been helping us raise awareness of MS and getting involved in our community. They’ve been spreading the word about the work we do, meeting our supporters and participating in events, like the MS Walk and our MS Awards.  Read on.

Thank you to everyone who took part or helped with Go Loch Ness

Woo hoo! We made it to Loch Ness, to the Whisky, back again and a few extra miles for Ice cream! We have over 624 reasons to be proud. Thank you to everyone who took part and Marieke, Fran and Charlotte for volunteering. We could not have done any of this without our truly amazing physiotherapy team who continue to make such a positive difference every day for our members. Whisky and Nessie winners to be notified shortly...

Funding for Portsmouth scientist, researching multiple sclerosis

Source ITV News:

A University of Portsmouth scientist has won almost £180,000 to fund research that could help develop treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

Dr Sassan Hafizi, a senior lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, has been awarded £177,930 by the MS Society to investigate the potentially beneficial role of a molecule found in the nervous system.  Read on.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Winter Ball - Saturday 12th November 2016

Join us for our first ever Winter Ball - a fantastic night of dinner and dancing whilst supporting the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre.
We have teamed up with seven other charities to organise a Charity Ball coming to the Reading Hilton this autumn.

As well as supporting the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, you will have a wonderful 3-course meal, a great band to dance to and a brilliant evening to remember.  For more info click here.

DMTs can reverse MS symptoms for some people

Source MS Society:

Disease modifying treatments (DMTs) may be able to reverse the symptoms caused by MS for some people with relapsing MS. This is according to new research published in the Journal of NeurologyRead on.

MS Drug could reverse physical symptoms

Source Medical News Today:

A drug that treats relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis - a form of multiple sclerosis that accounts for around 85 percent of people with the condition - has been revealed to reverse some of the damage caused by the disease. This revelation may have implications for future therapeutic strategies for people with the neurological disease. Read on.

Potential Therapy, Laquinimod, Shows Promise as Progressive MS Treatment in Mouse Study.

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today:

The experimental therapy laquinimod was seen to prevent the start of harmful immune responses and to disrupt the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS) in a mouse model of the disease. This finding may be especially promising, as the treatment is being developed for people with both relapsing MS and its rarer progressive form, for which no treatment currently exists.  Read on.

Don't forget your Flu Jab

Source NHS:

Stay well this Winter - make sure you get your flu jab.  For more information click here.

£2 million of new MS research

Source MS Society:
We’re proud to announce that 11 new projects have secured funding through our 2016 grant round.

From investigating if a stroke drug could repair damage caused in MS to testing the benefits of specialist rehab, these projects cover a wide range of topics.  Read on.

Emma, Keith and baby Thea Saunders

Many of you will remember Emma Saunders who worked as our Fundraiser for a number of years, and her sister Sharon who used to attend the Centre. 

We are delighted to let you know that Emma and Keith recently welcomed their baby Thea into the world!   They have kindly set up a Just Giving Page for Thea's naming ceremony to raise money for BMSTC.  If you would like to show your support please visit their page here.

We thank the Saunders family for their on-going support to BMSTC.

Monday, 10 October 2016

An Invitation to be Mindful by Dr Louise Nairn

We held an Introduction to Mindfulness session earlier this month with thanks to Dr Louise Nairn who freely gave her time.  Louise has written an article for our next newsletter about Mindfulness.

 “You only have moments to live”. These were the words I used to open and close the recent mindfulness session at BMSTC last week. They are from Jon Kabat-Zinn  and convey the central meaning of living mindfully: getting the most out of every moment instead of being swept along by thoughts about our past, problems, future and the accompanying emotions. In a mindful mode we can create space to respond in new ways to situations and make wise decisions.

I am a clinical psychologist with MS. I am in a good position to experience first hand the benefits of mindfulness while managing the vagaries of a chronic and unpredictable illness. The session at BMSTC was an opportunity to share this with people on a similar journey. We spent an interesting hour discussing what mindfulness is and its potential benefits and limitations. Of course being mindful is an experience, a stillness of being, and together we tried out two meditations and a mindful practice of eating a raisin. Eating raisins mindfully is not as daft as it sounds as it allowed us to use all 5 senses to change a mundane experience (eating, drinking, sitting) into an opportunity to cherish a moment in life.

We closed our session with a discussion about establishing a mindful practice at home. I hope you have been inspired to try one yourself. It is not difficult and may offer some peaceful moments to enjoy.

 · Choose a suitable place and time. Set a timer for 1, 2, 5 – however many you want – minutes.

· Sit up straight in a chair, feet on floor, eyes closed and hands resting on lap.

· Bring attention to your breathing. Notice where you feel it in your body and breathe naturally.

· Your mind will wander – that is natural. When you notice it has wandered gently bring it back to the breath and mindfully notice where it wandered: “thinking”, “listening”, “itching”, “pain”.

Remember, you only have moments to live.

“Oh I’ve had my moments, and if I had to do it again, I’d have more of them. In fact, I’d try to have nothing else. Just moments, one after the other, instead of living so many years ahead of each day.” (Nadine Stair, poet)

Monday, 3 October 2016

Information and Advice about Benefits - Newbury 15th October 2016

The MS Society invites you to attend a free talk to hear the latest information and advice about benefits.  15th October 2016 10.30am - 1pm

This talk is open to all affected by MS and is a great opportunity to meet others.  For more information click here.